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From Conception to postnatal period, the journey to parenthood is filled with surprises, battles, emotions, sometimes mixed ones, intensity, beauty and so many other things. My role is to be by your side, for simple advices, non-medical continuous emotional and physical support to the woman and her partner, introduction to many perinatal methods, or even in case of mental health therapeutic needs.


Caring for your mental health before you become pregnant is good for you and your baby.

It's called preconception care. The goal is to address any potential difficulties to conceive and to bring  serenity to you and your baby during pregnancy.

It's about becoming your healthiest self, physically and emotionally, before you take that next step into pregnancy.

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I offer one-on-one pregnancy support, sharing relaxation techniques, visualisations, coping strategies and haptonomy.​

Practicing Haptonomy in pregnancy offers parents-to-be the opportunity to reflect on the pregnancy and to make early contact with their unborn child.

Haptonomy is a childbirth preparation throughout pregnancy and birth based on the relation of tenderness that exists between the three actors (baby, mother, father/partner). Its principal objective is to develop a sense of security and autonomy in each of these three partners by taking into consideration their specific psycho-affective needs. Each will experience a truly loving presence in every step of the process (pregnancy, labour, delivery and the first year of the baby’s life).

Haptonomy helps couples develop a loving interactive relationship with their baby throughout pregnancy. This practice prepares for a gentle and consciously accompanied birth. Afterwards it helps the baby to develop autonomy during his or her first year of life.


I  help to instal new and positive beliefs around labour and birth to increase confidence with sophrology.

I  offer reassurance, information, natural pain relief methods, relax into birth hypnobirthing, deep relaxation, acupressure, breathing and vibrating techniques, etc. 

I help you to prepare for birth no matter what turn it takes, free from fear, weather you want to have a drug-free delivery, or even if you do opt for the epidural (remember, it's your choice!), these strategies can help you stay calmer and more comfortable until the anesthesiologist arrives.

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I  assist with mental and emotional  support, adjusting to life with your newborn and dealing with the demands of being a good parent and partner.

I  can assist you with postnatal depression and taking care of your emotional state.

Most people have heard of Postnatal Depression (PND), but depression and/or anxiety can actually begin during as well as after pregnancy – what we call perinatal illness – and it can affect both men and women.

If you’re having negative feelings and are worried about opening up to friends and family, I can offer a safe space to help you understand your anxiety or depression, and show you ways to recover.