Psycho-corporal method based on breathing exercises and guided meditation to address:


Physical pain

Everyday life anxiety 

Panic attacs


Sleeping disorder

Eating disorder


Illness anxiety

Relationship difficulties

After practicing sophrology, people usually experience: improved performance, improved concentration, fewer worries, increased self-confidence, more restful sleep and a feeling of inner happiness. They put an end to an unrealistic or negative vision of life, see things as they are and reinforce the positive in themselves.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing. Neuro-psychological technique to address different stages of trauma engendering PTST:






Natural disaster

Note that closed ones to trauma victims can also suffer from a possible indirect impact of the violence experienced.

During one-to-one sessions we work on specific issues, whether physical or emotional in a therapeutic context. As these sessions are bespoke, I will help you to define your needs and work with you to tailor the techniques to suit you. A safe space is provided where you will be guided to work at your own pace and to learn the method that you will in certain cases be able to use on your own. These exercises are made to reinforce and strengthen your mind, your body and your spirit, improving both physical and mental health. 

Sophrology explained by Alex Thomson